Arghyadas.com is a website run independently by me – Arghya Das.

This is my personal blog and I document my journey here. I am a high-school student from India preparing for medical school and a part-time blogger. While not reading books, I am either writing on this blog or busy studying for my exams.

On this blog, you’ll find various educational topics consisting of studying, productivity, books to read, courses to increase knowledge, best colleges, exams and many more. Basically, I <3 documenting & sharing every other thing that I go through!

And, it’s just the beginning 😉

You’re going to get much more. The journey just starts here! I’m gonna cover everything a student face – as a I’ve faced, facing now & gonna face the same.

From studying hard, passing out school, getting into college & enjoying it, preparing for future & career, getting into business, corporate politics, making a lot of money, travel the world, securing future – and these are just a few problems I mentioned.

To understanding that – Life is short, but Not so easy!!

Briefly, it’s a student lifestyle blog – from studying hard – to choosing the right techstack & online platforms for learning – to starting your own business (on the side) – to being productive while working (or studying) – to honing in your future – to managing your finances as a student – and enjoying your dating/romantic life as well.

ArghyaDas.com is a blog for students by a student!

Arghya Das – @arghyadas05

CEO, founder, writer, and everything of arghyadas.com. I’m a tech-geek who is obsessed with the latest & unique gadgets, science & medicine, and many more things. Also, a student but not a nerd, and on the way to becoming a doctor!

I always knew that science & technology is the thing for me. And today, you check any part of your life, technology is unavoidable! Whether, you want to sleep, study, start a business, live in a new home, cook, travel, stay fit – it’s a crazy tech world out there!

And, the foundation of all integrated tech starts with – the Internet. We talk internet, eat internet, shit internet, sleep internet, study internet. Basically, we are the Internet.

Aren’t we?

Fun facts about me

  • I got my first laptop (hp notebook) at 11 yrs (2016).
  • Since then this hardcore extrovert turned into an hardcore introvert.
  • Got involved in to coding and have also tried developing android apps at 13.
  • At 13, I got into hacking – It was a journey of a year or more!
  • I installed Kali Linux on my laptop and hacked my own mobile.
  • Then, got interested in developing websites at 14.
  • Developed multiple number of unsuccessful websites.
  • And, learned a lot through it over time – & it is the only website that’s working!
  • Also, an hardcore book reader & tea addict.
  • And, a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • I love to read! I love to cook! I love to travel! I love to sleep!
  • Well, I started smoking at 17 and tryna quit it (and yes I am still 17).
  • Yuh’huh I am the Chandler of your group who loves to eat (& smoke).
  • By the way, I do share food!! Haha 🙂
  • It’s just a few of the facts – A lot of things are yet to known!
  • Give some time to write my story here – so you can know me more personally!
  • Until then, connect to me on – Twitter, or Instagram!

ArghyaDas.com website timeline

  • The domain (arghyadas.com) bought on 3rd February, 2021.
  • Not working due to exams and all since February to July, 2021.
  • Started designing the website in August, 2021.
  • I am neither a designer nor have the creative power to design.
  • Being a fan of some websites like: woorkup, adam enfroy, etc.
  • I modeled my website design from them – mostly from woorkup.com.
  • Started writing some blog posts on September, 2021.
  • Wrote 17 (16 for my site + 1 guest post) complete blog posts in this month.
  • Stopped writing due to exams in October, 2021.
  • Got my first & only guest post (72 DA) published in November, 2021.
  • Made my first affiliate revenue ($2.56) from amazon in December 29th, 2021.
  • Started ranking in top 5 for some revenue-generating keywords.
  • For the first time in my lifetime, my website hits 1000 organic free visitors.
  • In January 2022, I generated $77.83 (₹6131.65) in amazon affiliate revenue.
  • Note: I am not working since October, 2021 – The income is all passive! 😉
  • Note: My top google rankings lasted for the month January, 2022 only.
  • I lost all my top rankings in February, 2022 and stopped making any money.
  • This is because I was not working at all due to exams & all since October, 2021.
  • Since February, 2022 – no money is generated.
  • Finally it’s July 18, 2022 and working on my website i.e. writing my about page.

The Jouney

As you can see, I’ve n’t worked that much in this site. But, I did some little hard work for 2 months (august & september, 21) for which I enjoyed the fruits of hard work 4 months later in January, 22 i.e. within 6 mnths I made my first income from this site at age 17.

No matter how small in amount the money is that I made, it’s a game changer and a pure motivator to keep going. With the goal of making my first $1000/month in MRR within the next 6 months. Let’s see where my hardwork leads to – that I am doing now.

At the end, none of that commodities like money, etc mattered – Its the journey that I started at age of 13 which got it’s momentum at the age of 17. And, along the way one thing I learned is that: It’s the journey – the only thing that matters at the end.

Since I wanted to build a fun community of students where learning, exploring and growing in life is the main goal – where students can collaborate with each other, learn new and smart ways in every other field, and grow each other up.

Here’s a link to my newsletter. 🙂

The Purpose

Ultimately, my blog’s purpose is to document my journey from day one so that – we students band & pick each other up, and we learn & explore together this mysterious universe of life to achieve immense success, happiness, & peace.

Where success could be anything like enjoying your college life to the fullest while making a lot of money on the side and securing your future by building immense wealth. Ultimately, what matter is your own personal freedom – it’s when you can do what you want to do without any kind of hesitation at the end.

No matter what your dreams, goals, and ambitions are – My success wishesh are always there for you as a friend. I appreciate the time you took to made it to this far of reading and I deeply value my every reader.

You can contact me through email or twitter at any time you want. I try to respond to every email and would always like to hear your story and if you need any help or suggest me any article to write for you – just mail or tweet me.

Thank you for reading. 🙂