7 Best Spiritual Books of 2021 (Ranks and Reviews)

Human beings are always searching for answers. We question our origins, the existence of a higher power, why we’re here, and what will happen after we die. 

I’ve spent plenty of time asking these questions and reading books about spirituality. This post is a short review of my favorite and the best spirituality books that helped me make sense of this mysterious world. 

It’s in no particular order and while some might not be your cup of tea – I’d love to hear your thoughts on reading material you enjoy that makes you ponder the world around us – and let me know if any book is missing that deserves this list.

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Let’s get to the list.

What is the Spiritual Book to Read?

Here are my top picks for the best spiritual books to read this year:

1. The Power of Now

A masterpiece of spiritual wisdom, The Power of Now presents Eckhart Tolle’s unique brand of spiritual enlightenment and the path to living in the present moment.

Brimming with timeless advice, powerful truth, and life-changing wisdom, The Power of Now is a book that can instantly transform the way you live your life.

In fact, it has already changed countless lives in many different countries around the world. It is a book to be treasured at any stage on your spiritual journey. 

Leaving behind the complex doctrines of old, Eckhart Tolle distills the essence of this profound wisdom into clear and simple language for everyone.

While “spiritual enlightenment” is the main theme.

The book also offers helpful advice on overcoming procrastination, finding meaning in daily life, resolving inner conflict, communicating with others in a more loving way, and much more.

It is an inspiring guide to spiritual enlightenment that can be applied to anyone who reads it along their path to discovering what they truly are and becoming one with themselves, God, others, and the world. 

It will help you find your true self and a deeper understanding of your reality in addition to removing any doubts or anxieties you may have felt in your life.

It says that you can learn to live life in the present moment — a state is known as “Presence”— and awaken to the truth that dwells within every human being.

2. A New Earth.

Did you like what I said about The Power of Now? 

Then you will definitely get interested in Tolle’s follow-up, A New Earth

In this book, Tolle brings the same clarity and insight to subjects including the deeper psychological roots of conflict, the egoic mind, the pain-body, and addiction. 

This is the perfect companion to The Power of Now, allowing it to be fully absorbed at a deeper level to take the next steps on the journey of awakening.

Awakening to the present moment and living in that moment may seem simple, but it’s the most powerful transformation that you can experience.

After reading The Power of Now, I was very curious about how much the principles of this book could be applied to life on an everyday basis, and how they would show up once I started discovering my own true purpose.

And, A New Earth does not disappoint me!

This sequel also explores topics that take your life-changing journey to the next level: relationships and sexuality; raising children in a self-aware and self-responsible way; and our purpose in the world in relation to nature, time, money, and even death.

And, it’s all about recognizing your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and learning to control your emotions and reactions.

If you are deciding to purchase The Power of Now, I encourage you to also consider purchasing A New Earth: The Sequel of Power of Now.

3. The Celestine Prophecy.

In this fast-moving spiritual adventure, James Redfield takes you to Peru, where he uncovers the story of a long-lost manuscript that reveals nine insights for living a life of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. 

Are you ready to explore your own hidden potential?

In our fast-paced, sometimes frantic, world, people are often cynical about the possibility of attaining genuine insights into their lives…

They hear so many well-meaning promises that they have become jaded. They’re not sure anymore if they really have the ability to make major changes in their lives and to create a future full of hope and promise. 

For these people, The Celestine Prophecy is truly a lifeline.

It is an enlightening and uplifting adventure that will change the way you think about the possibilities of your future as well as the hidden forces that shaped till now all your lives. 

It reveals a wisdom that has been handed down through time by some of the greatest teachers in history. 

The message of the Celestine Prophecy has already helped millions of people resolve personal crises, discover common ground between other cultures, and arm them with an inner serenity to face life’s challenges.

4. The Seat of the Soul.

Whether you’re a kitchen-table philosopher, an armchair psychologist, or simply interested in exploring the most fundamental questions of human existence, this book is for you. 

Dr. Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul has the potential to change your life. 

It did mine. 

With wisdom and compassion, Dr. Zukav shares his vision of the place each of us holds in the larger scheme of things: we are souls first, not bodies; essence before appearance; unique beings charged with using our gifts to create ripples of light that resonate outward and affect everything around us.

The Seat of the Soul begins by outlining the importance and improvement of human relationships, encouraging us to seek higher levels of connection, fulfillment, and love in our lives.

This book presents a clear blueprint for how to achieve these goals based on the integration of “the material, the emotional, and the mental” aspects of human experience. This integrative process is then shown to manifest itself in success-life relationships and interactions.

The Seat of the Soul is a remarkable book that shows that the seat of your power is within. This channeled work describes how you can awaken to your inherent goodness and live lives of joy, integrity, purpose, and love; it’s a book that’s been a catalyst for millions worldwide. 

Now the book has been significantly revised and updated by its author, motivational speaker Gary Zukav. 

With new material on personal ethics, global transformation, and the role of religion in everyday life — The Seat of the Soul remains your pathway to balance and fulfillment.

5. The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Life is as transient as it is precious, which is why Eddie’s story of his journey after death should be required reading for all of us. 

The Five People You Meet in Heaven” reveals an unexpected and inspiring perspective on how we can make life count.

In this profound and uplifting story, Mitch Albom shows how a lifetime of even the most commonplace choices define us more than we realize.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a moving tale of Eddie, a man who died young, but in the midst of his life, he experienced what appeared to him as some extraordinary moments. 

In truth, they were not moments at all, but encounters that changed his perspective. And it is these encounters that turned Eddie’s death into a celestial experience. This story is a must-read.

6. The Surrender Experiment.

Surrender. The word seems to evoke both deep threats and powerful promises. To surrender is both dangerous and beautiful, at once. 

What does it mean to “surrender”? 

Can there be a life of surrender?

What happens when a man sets out to prove that the power of his “positive” thoughts can provide deeper happiness and fulfillment than a life of achievement and external success?

In this modern-day spiritual classic, Michael Singer shares the results of his astonishing 30-year journey into life’s perfection. Singer found that if he just let go, and surrendered to the moment, everything unfolded perfectly — from relationships, to work, to love, to joy — in his life. 

This book will guide you through the process of surrendering to the unknown and allowing miracles to occur. 

You’ll also gain insights into how the spiritual lessons learned during the journey helped me (and other readers) overcome obstacles I never believed possible. 

When I first experimented with these principles, I found that they didn’t always work at first, but the more I practiced them — the more they became second nature, and I saw that following these techniques could be an invaluable part of anyone’s life, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

7. The Universe Has Your Back.

If you had the chance to schedule an appointment with God! 

What would you say?

In this book “The Universe Has Your Back”, the author and spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein believe that your true higher self is in direct communication with the divine.

The book is divided into four sections: FaithChangeLove… & Miracles. Each section includes multiple short stories that are grouped together by a similar topic.

Inspired by divine timing and spiritual guidance, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein was suddenly and unexpectedly struck by an oncoming car while walking near her home. 

The accident brought with it a slew of injuries and the hospitalization of Bernstein for more than a month, but it also brought forth an awakening of the divine within.

While in recovery, she realized there was work to be done on this plane — specifically through writing the book that you’re going to hold in your hands within a few countable days.

As a reader, you’ll learn to trust yourself again and even let go of tightly held beliefs to grab hold of previously hidden opportunities. 

Bernstein’s teachings are both practical and inspiring, helping you navigate everyday problems with gentleness and optimism while also working toward larger goals such as careers, love, and overall happiness.


That’s it for my list of the best spiritual books. 

This article is written not only to make you aware of the best spiritual books available but also to help you understand them in a better way through my authentic reviews before making any purchase.

Here is a summary of my top picks for the best spiritual books:

  • The Power of Now.
  • A New Earth.
  • The Celestine Prophecy.
  • The Seat of the Soul.
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
  • The Surrender Experiment.
  • The Universe Has Your Back.

Sometimes in life, you need someone to guide you through the ups and downs of life. Whether you are going through a rough patch or just trying to figure things out, spiritual books can be an amazing asset. They take into account so many aspects of life, emotion, knowledge, faith, and more.

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