5 Best WordPress Slider Plugins of 2021 (My Top Picks)

Learn about the best wordpress slider plugins to use this year.

In this list, I review and compare the best wordpress slider plugins based on their market performance, features, and pricing.

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Let’s get to the list.

What is the Best WordPress Slider Plugin?

Here are my top picks for the best wordpress slider plugin to use this year.

1. Smart Slider.

I’ve worked with several different WordPress slider plugins, and Smart Slider is by far the best. With its superb ease wordpress plugin, you’ll love the astonishing designs Smart Slider delivers.

It is a fully responsive Frontend editor for WordPress that lets you create stunning responsive content sliders. 

It features tons of customization options like 100+ Google fonts, 600+ Google Maps, 600+ vector icons, and lots of other useful options. You can create responsive sliders by embedding videos from any website using YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. 

The best part – it works on ANY WordPress theme – including all top premium wordpress themes like Thrive Themes and ElegantThemes.

It has a lot more advanced features and is easy to use than many other WordPress slider plugins. And here, Frontend editor literally means no backend needed, you can visually create your sliders from any device, frontend – 100% Responsive – so it won’t break on your mobile devices.

With Smart Slider it’s so easy to create advanced DIV sliders, right from your back-end with a visual interface that gives you full control over the styling of every detail, whether its text or images.

It literally cuts your work time in half and literally even makes you a more creative and productive person. This WordPress slider plugin has literally no competition and literally blows away all of its competitors out of the water!

It is the one word that I would describe Smart Slider as Phenomenal. It surely is the best wordpress slider plugin across the Internet and for such a reasonable price, you should never miss it.

2. Slider Revolution.

Slider Revolution is great for creating portfolios, sales pages, galleries, and for promoting coupons & offers through sliders. 

This versatile wordpress plugin comes packed with an array of super-slick transitions, animations, stunning content placeholders, interactive hover states that are designed to improve your slider CTR rates. It comes in 4 flavors but only the Revolution Slider is responsive.

It is the second most popular responsive slider plugin on the market! 

With it, you can create stunning responsive websites that can easily adapt to any screen size – mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop. 

I highly recommend Slider Revolution because not only does it power 400K+ websites but has an awesome number of features that give you full control over your slider and its style. 

Its impressive responsive WordPress plugin allows you to create beautiful website sliders for any type of content you want to display. Providing quick access to all of its components, it provides no restrictions on the type of content you can display in your slider. 

It gives you plenty of ways to show off your images, text, videos, icons, and a lot more. It is the best alternative to Smart Slider Premium in terms of pricing and features.

3. Master Slider.

Master Slider is a premium wordpress slider plugin, designed for creating awesome sliders and carousels. 

With this wordpress slider, you can add image sliders, video sliders, content sliders, and parallax features to your WordPress website. The Master Slider also has an awesome touch navigation feature, so it will work perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

One of the main reasons I love Master Slider is because it is lightweight, easy to use, and has a very simple but elegant design.

The creators of this slider offer fantastic support and their customer service is top-notch. Master Slider features tons of options along with some advanced features such as slide delay and preloading, which you will literally find in no other wordpress slider plugin.

There are of course plenty of really good wordpress sliders out there, but for this specific niche, “eCommerce” or “woo-commerce” I’ll go into the one that has had the most impact on traffic conversion. That of course is Master Slider.

4. Kreatura Slider.

Essentially, Kreatura Slider is a premium plugin designed with some awesome features. It will function just like any ordinary slider you can see on any online platform or website. You can create custom sliders without having to do some sort of coding which is pretty awesome.

There are a variety of sliders on the market and Kreatura is a new kid on the block but not a stranger to quality. It perfectly fits for any purpose: From a simple presentation of a few images to a dynamic slideshow with HTML content, youtube videos, etc.

Its advanced features and an unparalleled level of programmability will enable you to get creative and create something truly unique.

In the end, Kreatura Slider is a premium and strong functioning wordpress plugin for creating and customizing responsive ranging slider effects. It’s very easy to use & set up and instantly gives you a fully functional and responsive slider that you can manage through the intuitive WordPress interface.

5. Royal Slider.

Royal Slider is a versatile responsive WordPress plugin that allows you to convert any of your existing images and HTML content easily into a touch-swipe slider. 

It is a fully mobile-friendly and fully featured plugin. Using Royal Slider you can create 3d rotators, parallax and waterfall sliders, video players, and text-based content sliders. 

The plugin has many built-in effects: Fade, horizontal and vertical slide transitions. If you need some extra effect custom coding is available with each purchase. With this plugin, you can design your own banner rotators, beautiful slideshows, responsive image galleries with captions, and even video players.

You can use any type of content or media with your slider and it comes with a number of final effects and templates to help you create an eye-catching banner in no time.

Royal Slider is certainly a touch slider with swipe navigation, certainly a content slider for your home page. It has been coded to display an attractive banner with a clean theme and smooth transition, works well on all major browsers, adds a unique layer of beauty to the website.


WordPress Slider plugins help you to display your content beautifully by showcasing your products, services, offers, content on your website.

But, there is an unlimited number of slider plugins to choose from and install. And, choosing the perfect one may be overwhelming.

It takes time to spend hours or days just testing and trying out these plugins to find which one has the most features suitable for one’s needs. That’s why I combined my 3 years of experience into 1200 words through this post to help you out save time.

Here is a final summary of my top picks:

  1. Smart Slider: Overall Best WordPress Slider Plugin.
  2. Slider Revolution: Best Alternative to Smart Slider Premium.
  3. Master Slider: Best because it is Lightweight. 
  4. Kreatura Slider: New Kid with Stunning Market Performance.
  5. Royal Slider: Best HTML Responsive Plugin.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation at no extra cost to you through some links available below if you decide to make a paid purchase. You can read more about my affiliate disclosure here.

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